560 and 640 Northern Ireland Championships

Dungannon Park yesterday afternoon (2nd July 2011) was bathed in bright sunshine and hardly a breeze.  The water logged areas from the previous week were well dried up and made the ground perfect for Tug of War. Only three teams ventured out into the fray for the 560 event with Derryogue being the only team that could field a full 8 men.  Garvagh weighed on the nose with Leos Boys and seven men 7 kg lighter.

Once all the stamping had been done for both weights, teams moved to the end of the park where the arena was set up.  Derryogue and Garvagh met in the first end with Mourne men taking both ends.  Derryogue remained in the fray and took on Leos Boys once again taking both ends. 
This time it was Leos who was staying put to take on the Garvagh lads.  This time Garvagh pulled two straight ends against Leos Boys, leaving Derryogue and Garvagh in the final.  The two ends were nothing like the ends of the previous weekend with Derryogue overpowering Garvagh to take Gold Medal and win the 560 event.

In the 640 event Bancran entered the arena and in their first end they took on the ever improving Leos Boys with Leos taking it by two straight ends.  In the other Derrypogue and Garvagh had a mighty tussel with one another with each team taking an end each.  By the end of the round robin, Leos Boys had finished in 1st place with Bancran in 2nd, Derryogue in 3rdand Garvagh bringing up the rear.

Teams were tossed for ends and Leos Boys took on the improving and very strong team from Garvagh, whilst Bancran and Derryogue went on the second rope. Garvagh disposed with a tiring Leos Boys with their experience showing through.  On the second rope Bancran and Derryogue put on a mighty show with neither team giving an inch and putting in heave after counter heave in both of the first two ends, leaving it one pull each.  Teams were tossed again and Bancran decided to stay where they were only to succumb to Derryogue.

Derryogue into another final this time against the very strong and well up for it team from Garvagh.  No quarter was given by either team and none expected.  Garvagh waited and waited only to take the first end after some very good pulling from both teams.  The second end was similar with Garvagh once again showing a skill not seen from them for some time.  Garvagh win the 640 gold Medals and the Northern Ireland Cup for 640.

Well done to all of the teams taking part in these championships.  Let’s look forward to the remainder of this season and to next year with more teams that are out there in junior and YFC ranks and an even better Championships.



Written by:  - 4 Jul, 2011