Boys Brigade try Indoor Tug of War

Boys Brigade try Indoor Tug of War

Boys Brigade try Tug of War

Rathmore House, the headquarters of the Boys Brigade in Northern Ireland which is situated on the coast road in Larne, was used by a number of members from the Ballyhegan Club, to demonstrate and train young officers and members of the organisation, in the art of indoor Tug of War.  Portadown Battalion have had the benefit of hard work by William Montgomery and his band of merry men for a number of years which has culminated in a large number of boys participating in the sport in their locality to the extent that they now run a BB Championship.

This was an open invitation for William and the boys to give a talk on the history of the sport, the ethos behind the team activities and the outcome which they had generated in their own areas for the sport and for the benefit of young people. 

Many people do not have the capability of playing rugby, football and hockey etc.etc but can easily fit into a team and enjoy the sport of tug of war to the fullest.  With there being no contact in the event, teams can try their hardest to beat their opposition and at the end, win lose or draw, can shake their opponents hand and walk off the mats or field feeling elated at a good job well done.

Over 30 young officers took part in the seminar before donning their tracksuits and trainers and joining the boys from Ballyhegan in a training session and then a round robin competition.  The hall held half a mat and had two ropes going with judges and teams alternating for more than two hours in a good natured competition.

Having started at 7.00pm it was well into the evening before the finals were held and to wrap things up a cup of tea.  All the mats and ropes were packed away before the long journey back to Ballyhegan. 

A fantastic night of fun and crack was had by all and now there are 30 more young advocates for the sport going back to their local companies and putting into practice what was taught on the night.  We wish all of them every success in what they chose to do and if any further help is needed or required William and his team along with the members of the Association will be willing to help out further.

Written by:  - 11 Aug, 2011