640Kg indoor Championship

640Kg indoor Championship

Northern Ireland 640kg indoor Championships

Saturday night saw the second of this years indoor championships with Ballyhegan, Country Club and Richhill participating.  Ballyhegan had weighed on Friday night well under the weight whilst the others decided to weigh on Saturday prior to the competition.  Neither having any problems.  In the round robin, Country Club met Ballyhegan in the first two ends with Ballyhegan taking it by two straight pulls.  Richhill were next to meet Ballyhegan and this time the results were reversed with both teams picking up cautions.  In the final pulls in the round robin, Country Club came up against Richhill and won both ends on a blow out.

This left the round robin finished with Country Club and Ballyhegan scheduled to meet in the final.  Again this was a repeat of thew first pull of the evening with Ballyhegan taking the Championship cup and the gold medal positions.

In the open competitions the three teams above were joined by Mountainview who had also weighed in earlier and very close on the open weights (660 and 600).  Bothe weight categories were pulled in the round robin and then semi finals and final.  In the 600kg final Mountain view met Ballyhegan, who were very much lighter, and won the category by two straight ends to nil.  In the 660 event Mountainview were again in the final where they met Richhill, once again taking the first place by two straight ends to nil.

Written by:  - 3 Dec, 2011