600Kgs Indoor Championships

600Kgs Indoor Championships

600kg NI Indoor Championships 2011

Saturday 3rd December was the third night for Championships, this time being the 600Kgs.  Teams needing to, weighed on Friday night.

Three teams entered the event, Richhill, Country Club and Ballyhegan, all making the weight without any problems.  Following the first four ends, Richhill and Country Club were destined not only to meet in the last round of the round robin but also in the final, in effect meaning that both teams could have ended up pulling five ends to decide the winners.

As it was, Richhill took the last two ends of the round robin and then after a short rest for both teams, took to the mat once again with Country Club.  Once again Richhill proved the strongest and took the gold medal in two straight ends winning the Kernan Cup.

In the open event the same teams once again took to the mat with very little change, pursuing a good training session amongst the teams.

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