560Kg Indoor Championship

560Kg Indoor Championship

The Lakeland Forum in Enniskillen was the venue for the final Indoor Championship of the season at 560kgs.  Teams had weighed on Friday night with Ballyhegan making the weight easily with seven men.  The others had little difficulty either.

First onto the mat were Richhill and Ballyhegan. This was a good pull between the two near neighbours with Richhill taking both ends and the points.  Richhill were to stay on the mat and were next up against the local team Country Club from the Enniskillen area.  Both teams were close on the weight but Richhill seemed to be better form taking both ends easily and again securing the full points.  In the final end of the round robin Country Club stayed on the mat and were then joined by the seven man team from Ballyegan.  Whilst Country Club managed to win both ends of this contest, Ballyhegan put up a very strong effort and took rope on several occasions before succumbing and losing in two straight ends.  The seven men had certainly pulled strongly and put on a good show against the stronger opposition.

In the final Country Club and Richhill were destined to meet.  This was very much like their first encounters on the mat with Richhill never being troubled and taking the 560kgs cup and the Gold medals once again.

Two open competitions at 600 and 640 were also held with varying results and once again Ballyhegan showing their true metal and grit taking ends from the other competitors winning the round robin stages and then going on to win the finals in both weights.

Written by:  - 11 Dec, 2011