The Championships took place today 21st January 2012 in Huddersfield and were hosted by The Tug of War Association.  In the 600kg event the local team from Country Club and assisted by Ballhegan participated in the 600 event and also entered the 680kg event even though they were well under weight.

Six teams were taking part in the 600 with two teams from Scotland, three from England, including their ever improving under 23 team and the Northern Ireland team.

In the round robin event Northern Ireland finished in second place having beaten two Scotland teams and two England teams.  In the semi finals their opposition left them with everything to do after the first two ends with each team winning one end apiece.  In the third end the local team succumbed to the judges cautions and were blown out with three cautions to end up in the bronze pull off. 

The final was between Scotland and England with England taking the gold and Scotland silver.

In the pull off for bronze position Northern Ireland defeated their opposition from Scotland, winning by two straight ends.

Five teams entered the 680 event with Country Club only being 613kgs and again being assisted by Ballyhegan.  The team went on to finish in the top four for the semi finals.  Unfortunately following the pull off the team finished the competition in fourth place.

In the 640 invitational event, Northern Ireland once again entered the fray, going on to finish in bronze medal place.

Sunday’s event was off the same format, CC had entered the same teams in the same weights though due to time were only able to complete one weight category, namely the 600 kgs. 5 teams were entered, England U23’s, Raunds and Kilroe from England , BRC from Scotland  and CC from N.Ireland. All teams weighed in at 599 or 600 Kgs, therefore resulting in a very tight contest. First up for CC were Kilroe, then BRC, though getting beat by both, each end lasted approx. 3 mins, CC then beat England U23’s and Raunds to finish third in the group. The semi finals Kilroe who finished first pulled Raunds and BRC pulled CC. Kilroe progress to the final easily enough, the second semi final was a very tight affair, first end lasting nearly four mins, CC eventually winning it, CC went on the take the second end as well in under two mins beating the current world champions at that weight. The final was between Kilroe and CC, two very tough ends, Kilroe eventually winning both ends and taking gold, CC had very creditable silver in such a high level of competition.

CC went home with a silver and two bronze medals; they had only nine pullers with them on the weekend, so it was a big effort by all, now looking forward to the World Championships in Perth , Scotland  at the end of February

600 kgs Bronze medal pull off, Scotland B took the first end, so CC had to come from behind to get a medal due to a very, very tough semi final.


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