It was indeed a proud moment during the past weekend to be in Perth with the members of the Northern Ireland party at the indoor World Championships.  Wednesday had been a day of weighing and preparation for the event after months of home work with many miles covered, meals missed, time spent away from home and family and long miles covered.

Thursday morning opened the event with the clubs 560kgs event with a large contingent of pullers from the Basque Country where many of the best teams in the World hail from.

Northern Ireland were the defending Champions of the 2010 World Club title and had every intention of retaining that title once again.  The efforts of everyone who had travelled to the event from all of the pullers to the water boy and the coaches began to show on the mat from early on with the team winning every pull by two clear pulls to nil, until they they came up against their near neighbours from Mountainview.  This proved to be the best pull of the event with both pulls going for over three minutes and ending with another straight win to the team.  Country Club with assistance from three members of Ballyhegan ,  4 from Country Club and 1 from Binnian View made up the team;-


Adrian Russell, Brian Telford and David Telford – Ballyhegan

Brian Ginn, Bob Graham, Marcus Hunter, Mark Robinson- Country Club

Brian Murray from Binnian

with Stephen Hunter (Country Club) as Coach and Nathan Milligan (Ballyhegan) as Attendant

Our second team Richhill had met very stiff opposition in their part of the draw and had faired less well and not making the top two position required in their league to allow them to proceed further.  Abadino, Amaiur and Chinese Taipei were to get through to the semi final where Country Club met with Amaiur who were dispatched in quick time of 31 and 37 seconds.  Abadino A met Chinese Taipei with them going on to win in 2.52  and 4.25 minutes.

The bronze pull off took place first with the Chinese Taipei team being defeated and pushed into fourth place by Amaiur.  Country Club were by this stage well up to the challenge and took to the mats against Abadino A.  Once again nothing was going to stand in their way and the coach drove them on to victory, taking the Gold medal position once again in 1.28 and 38 seconds.

The efforts over many months, of every member of the team that travelled to represent was exceptional with many people travelling long miles and giving up valuable family time so as to be in a position to represent.

Their efforts during the months of October, November and December, in training, watching their weight, attending competition and travelling those hard miles certainly paid off. January saw a big step up with teams in their training culminating in six nights a week with competitions on Saturdays and Sunday.  This was an excellent result from everyone present.

In the U23 some of our members helped make up an under 23 team for Cockhill so as to compete with other teams that had travelled over a long distance

Brian Ginn (Country Club) pulled as number one and Nathan Milligan (Ballyhegan) pulled at number seven. Both these young men pulled exceptionally well and deserve great credit for their achievement to take the Bronze medal against England.  Well done to both for their hard work.

Saturday morning came up quickly again with the 560 team once again getting into the swing in the Closed Championship.  Ireland and England proved too strong in the round robin event with our team taking third place and destined to meet once again with our close neighbours from the Republic.  England and Scotland met with it going to three ends and the team from Scotland taking it by two ends to one.  The other semi final was a straight affair with the first end going down in 17 seconds and the second a more tense affair going to 2.40minutes.

Into the finals against a strong and determined Scotland team once again the local team took to the mats and again they never looked troubled taking both ends in 1.10 and 56 seconds to take the coveted World Championship Gold medal.

Another great success by everyone who was involved in the preparation, competitions at home and support, to bring this success home.  

A PDF copy of the full results is available on the TWIF web site.


Full Results:

Open Competition

Ladies 500 Kilos - Gold - Badaiotz - Silver - Chinese Taipei - Bronze - Sheen Ladies - 4th - Ayrshire

Ladies 540 Kilos - Gold - Chinese Taipei - Silver - Badaiotz - Bronze - Sakana - 4th - Stans Oberdorf

Under 23 600 Kilos - Gold - Chinese Taipei A - Silver - Chinese Taipei B - Bronze - Cockhill - 4th - ETOWA

Men 560 Kilos - Gold - Country Club - Silver - Abadino A - Bronze - Amaiur - 4th - Chinese Taipei

Men 600 Kilos - Gold - Kilroe - Silver - Mountain View - Bronze - Abadino - 4th - St Pats

Men 640 Kilos - Gold - Ayrshire - Silver - Clonmany B - Bronze - Clonmany A - 4th - TTV Deinum/Britsum

Men 680 Kilos - Gold - Clonmany A - Silver - St Pats - Bronze - TTV Lagerweij - 4th - TTV IT Heidenskip

Mixed 600 Kilos - Gold - Ibarra - Silver - Abadino A - Bronze - Sakana - 4th - Chinese Taipei

Closed Competition

Ladies 500 Kilos - Gold - Chinese Taipei - Silver - England  - Bronze - Scotland - 4th - South Africa

Ladies 540 Kilos - Gold - Chinese Taipei - Silver - Netherlands - Bronze - South Africa - 4th - Switzerland

Men 560 Kilos - Gold - Northern Ireland - Silver - Scotland - Bronze - England  - 4th - Ireland

Men 600 Kilos - Gold - Scotland - Silver - England  - Bronze - Ireland - 4th - Northern Ireland

Men 640 Kilos - Gold - England  - Silver - Scotland - Bronze - Ireland - 4th - China

Men 680 Kilos - Gold - Ireland - Silver - Netherlands - Bronze - Scotland - 4th - England

Mixed 600 Kilos 4+4 - Gold - Chinese Taipei - Silver - England - Bronze - Scotland - 4th - China



Written by:  - 23 Feb, 2012