NITOWA Website Updates

NITOWA Website Updates

As you will be aware, over the past 18 months we have been working closely with Sport NI and the NI Sports Forum on a number of issues amongst which is the updating of the NITOWA web site. A great deal of work has gone into this process which has resulted in a number of areas having to be looked at.

Our web site has been part of the main focus and you will have no doubt noticed the changes that have been made to date. We are not complete and it will be a process of continuous change to get everything correct. A great deal of help has been generated by Marc Scott of Sport NI and Katie Nixon from the Sports Forum and to them we extend our thanks. Their advice and help along the way along with the recommendations made in relation to the upgrade have been invaluable, resulting in what we have to date.

There is more to do with this year’s registration to be updated along with details of some of our teams. Our FACEBOOK pages are being viewed and used and I would ask that you, the members make sensible use of the facility. YOUTUBE is also one of the mediums that is also available and again please make sensible use of the facility. The YouTube channel is maintained by Richhill Tug of War Club

It will take some time to complete and to update with details still to go from the Boys Brigade season, Young Farmers at Balmoral, Schools Championships, Leos Boys first competition etc as well as an excess of 250 photographs.

Please make use of the facility that has been created and will continue to change.

Some of the major updates to the website are;

Puller Profiles

As a registered puller now have the ability to build a complete Tug of War profile detailing what clubs you pulled for and when. It is your responsibility to maintain the historical information.
Current club memberships will be maintained by the NITOWA Secretary

Your profile will also include any official positions you held in any clubs, NITOWA and TWIF. This information will be maintained by the NITOWA Secretary to ensure the validity of the information.

Website Registration

All active pullers needs to register with the NITOWA website. Registration has been suspended for the interim as all active pullers has been manually added to the website. Please contact the webmaster with your full name and a valid email address to gain access and update your profile.

It is important that we have your full cooperation in this regard as this is one of the tools we use to promote the sport in Northern Ireland and raise the public awareness of our sport.

Written by:  - 27 May, 2012