Armagh Show – 9th June 640kgs

Armagh show moved a number of years ago to the confines of Gosford Country Park set in parkland close to Markethill and with its own herd of deer.  After all the heavy rain during the past week, it was surprising how well the ground was keeping up.  Teams turned up on time and after the weigh in, five teams had weighed to include Leos Boys, Garvagh, Bancran, Derryogue and a made up team that took an old team name of North Farmers.

With the draw made the teams made their way to a area set out for the Young Farmers who were just clearing up.  In the round robin all of the teams pulled exceptionally well, especially the youngsters from North Farmers.  Derryogue never lost an end and finished in first place, closely followed by Bancran, Leos boys and in fourth place the young men of North Farmers who had weighed the same as Garvagh, drew with them but had fewer cautions.

In the semi finals Derryogue beat North Farmers whilst Leos Boys beat Bancran setting up the final.  The ground had churned up and had become slippery and it was always the team that could get their footing right that would take the gold medal position.  Both teams had a right ding dong with one another but in the end Derryogue ran out as the winners. 

We are very thankful to Armagh show committee who sponsor this event and provide the trophies for us each year.

Written by:  - 10 Jun, 2012