580 and 640 Championships

580 and 640 Championships


580 and 640 Championships go ahead at Clyde Park, Garvagh

Saturday once again proved to be wet with constant rain during the day.  Some of the teams had weighed at Dungannon on Friday night and the new sports centre at Garvagh, named after one of our longstanding judges and former President Jim Watt was used to weigh the remainder prior to the Championships.  With the weighing all out of the way it was down to Clyde Park where the Coleraine Council and the local Garvagh club had the arena all set out.

Bancran, Derryogue and the local Garvagh team had entered the fray and after the round robin Bancran and Derryogue were destined for the final.  The ground was good and like last week, both teams had a determined go at one another only for the tables to be turned from last week with the Mourne men from Derryogue taking the 580kg title.

Four teams entered the 640kg event with the addition of Leos Boys.  They came in first after the round robin and once again the young Garvagh team showed no fear and were equally hard to handle during the round robin.  All four teams were fairly equally matched and Leos Boys were destined to meet Derryogue whilst Bancran were to meet Garvagh.  As usual this is where all the hard work begins.  In the first semi, Derryogue were well up to the task and beat Leos Boys by two straight ends.

In the second semi final the Garvagh team took it to Bancran and pulled them over the line for the first end.  Change over took place and this time it was Bancran that took the honours.  The coaches came to the middle and then changed over after taking the toss.  Once again the youngsters from Garvagh had a go at the experienced Bancran only to succumb to their craft and experience.

Bancran and Derryogue in the final and still no let up with the rain.  Derryogue took both ends in much shorter time than last week winning their second gold medal of the day. 

The Association Chairman spoke of the work of the local council and the Garvagh club for hosting the event at short notice.  He then asked two tug of war stalwarts to do the presentations.  Alex Farlow presented the 580 trophy and medals whilst Hugh Heron presented the 640 trophy.

Written by:  - 7 Jul, 2012