Kesingham Calling - Last outdoor event of 2012.

Kesingham Calling - Last outdoor event of 2012.

Kesingham Calling – Last outdoor event of 2012.

Coming up on the end of the outdoor season and certainly well after our season had finished, the teams from Leos Boys and the youngsters from Garvagh continued with their regime of training.  Ernie Dickie had progressed the Garvagh lads well throughout the summer and those with more experience gave freely of their knowledge to get the teams to and well past the traditional season end.  It had been a long twelve months since some of them had started to train in the local “facilities”.  Leos Boys in their own way had progressed throughout the summer and had come out this end with a fighting spirit and a will to win.

But the eventual target was for both teams to travel and participate in the annual event at Kesingham.  Flights, buses, accommodation were booked and the toothbrush was packed before everyone ventured away for the weekend.

Eight weight categories beckoned and undaunted both teams entered the fray.  Saturday and Sunday saw off all of the competitions and at the end no one could feel disappointed with their respective results.

720 and 680 honours went to Leos Boys and a well deserved silver to Garvagh in the 720 event, even though they only weighed in at 647kgs.  A Good result.  Leos then joined with others and made a 4 x 4 team and took a silver medal at this weight also.

600, 620 and 660 honours this time went to Garvagh and to add to their tally another well deserved silver medal for the 640kgs event.

Trophies were awarded and many of the names on the trophies are of famous teams dating back many years and now being added to by Leos Boys and Garvagh.

Leos came home early but the youngsters stayed an extra night and enjoyed the facilities and hospitality that had been laid on for everyone to enjoy.

A fitting end to a long outdoor season, which bodes well especially when we look at the age range of all of the pullers and especially towards the plethora of young talent coming through. I have probably spelt the location wrongly but no odds, everyone that travelled had a good time.

Exceptional weekend with excellent results. 

Well done to everyone who travelled.

Anyone with photographs, please upload to the NITOWA facebook page.

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Garvagh Tug of War club with team sponsor Alex Farlow of Farlow Engineering, following their successful trip with Leos Boys at the weekend.  Well done to everyone.