Netherlands trip

Netherlands trip


The first nights pulling has concluded at TTV Largerweji with some exceptional pulling within the 4 a side competitions.

The competition flowed with 3 weight classes (280 kg female, 300 kg male and 340 kg male) all being pulled at the same time over 4 mats, pulling starting at 19.30 hrs.  The Country Club entered 2 teams in the 300 Kg competition and Ballyhagen entered 1 team, 9 teams in total made up the weigh class.

The group stage was tight with all 9 teams at an equally high standard and no easy ends on offer.  At the end on the group stage 3 teams were on equal points, showing how competitive and tight the competition was.  The top 4 teams for the cross over are listed below with Ballyhagen narrowly missed out in 5th place:

1.   TTV Largerweji B.  21 points
2.   Country Club.         21 points
3.   TTV Largerweji A.  21 points
4.   Abidino St.             15 points

The semi finals saw the Country Club pulling TTV Largerweji A.  This had been a long brutal match in the group stage and proved the same again.  Both teams fought for every inch and Country Club won the first end in a truly gruelling pull the saw both teams in finish in pieces. 

In the second end the Dutch drove early and upset the rhyme and height of the Country Club who were eventually blown out in another long, energy sapping end.  The other semi-final was over by this stage, won by the wise and experienced heads within Abidino St. in 2 straight ends.

Country Club and TTV faced off for the third and deciding end.  Both teams sapped of strength but determined not to give an inch of soft rope and TTV spurred on by the home crowd.  Both teams got a good drop but Country Club got the early ground through sheer grit, Robert Graham doing spectacular work on the middle of the rope to ensure a clean rope.  The Dutch eventually broke and the Country  Club won the end.

The Country Club walked out in the final with Abidino St from the Basque region of Spain.  The evenings pulling had taken its toll on both sets of pullers but both teams dropped in to the first end with true power and desire.  The Country Club driving and Abidino St. defending took the rope 3/4 of the way back but were not able to finish, again this moved into a battle of wills before the Country Club were blown out. 

The second end followed the same flow of the first but Abidino St. could not control the steer additional pressure that the Country Club applied and eventually broke to lose the second end. 

The third and final end was a true example that steer determination, desire and passion can win an end.  Again both teams dropped in hard and Abidino St. drove step for step with the Country Club from the start before eventually going to ground through physical exhaustion and the Country Club took the third and winning end to win gold.

A truly superb effort by all involved.

Gold.     Country Club
                 Stephen Hunter
                 Robert Graham
                 Mark Robinson
                 Gareth Ellis
                 Coach - Vernon Hurst
                 Sub - Simon Hunter
Silver.    Abidino St.
Bronze.  TTV Largerweji A
4th.        TTV Largerweji B



Combined team from Country Club and Ballyhegan clubs take silver medal at 600kgs against Abadino and bronze in the 560 competition.

Written by:  - 23 Feb, 2013