Saturday the 15th June 2013 saw the annual competition held in memory of the late Kenny Crozier.   The competition was hosted by Derryogue club and was held in conjunction with the local Richhill Church annual fete at the recreation grounds at Richhill village.

Six teams were weighed, in the form of Garvagh, Bancran, Rockies, The Valley, Leos Boys and the hosts Derryogue. Two weights were scheduled at 610 and catchweight . 

As usual the competition took the form of a round robin with the top four teams ending up in the semi finals.  In the catch weight event Bancran and Leos were destined to meet whilst Garvagh and Derryogue would fill the positions for the second semi final. 

Bancran ran out winners in the first semi whilst Derryogue repeated their earlier defeat of Garvagh by taking the second semi.

Up to the final mark came Bancran and Derryogue, both of which had pulled well throughout the competition.  In the end Bancran showed their skills to perfection and once again took a gold medal at Catchweight despite only weighing in just over  620kgs.

The same teams once again took to the field in the 610 event with the Valley and Leos Boys weighing seven pullers.  This was also a close fought encounter with the top four teams of Bancran Rockies, Garvagh and Derryogue coming to the top four positions. Bancran had finished in first place and were destined to take on the fourth placed team of Rockies whilst again the repeat of the other semi final was on the cards with Derryogue and Garvagh filling in the second and third places.

Semi final time and once again the teams from Bancran and Derryogue were destined for yet another final.  Bancran showed their staying power and took another gold medal and the hard fought for Kenny Crozier Memorial Shield.

Our thanks to Derryogue for hosting this competition and to the local Richhill Church for their kind invitation to attend their event.

Pictures that anyone may have should be uploaded to the NITOWA facebook page or sent to the secretary for inclusion.  Some videos I believe are available on Bancrans face book page or Richhill facebook page.

Written by:  - 23 Jun, 2013