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NITOWA Privacy Statement

By accessing the NITOWA website you agree to the following

  • A cookie will be installed on your computer to allow the website to identify you and display relevant information to you
    This information might include the following;
    • Privileged pages for NITOWA Members only
    • Contact detail of other NITOWA Members
    • Analytic information to assist us in tracking popular pages

  • We will never do the following;
    • Sell or use your email address to any third party without your explicit consent
    • Ask you for your password
    • Display your email address on any web page unless you give us permission to do so.

  • Your Contact Details
    • Will be kept private unless;
      • You are an executive member of the association
    • Normal NITOWA members contact details will only be available under the following circumstances;
      • You ticked the box on your profile to display a button to allow someone to contact you
        These buttons are only displayed on the "Profile Page" of members that have access to and have the ability to post article or news items to the NITOWA website
      • You have an item listed on the "For Sale" or "Wanted" pages.
        On these pages you have the option to allow "Anyone" or "Logged in Members Only" to see the button.

This statement might be amended without notice. It is your responsibility to visit this page on a regular basis to ensure you are aware of the latest changes

Last updated on: 2011-10-30